English Bull Dog


 Gentle, friendly and adoring,

with a mischievous dose of stubbornness.

The English Bulldog is

incessantly loyal

to it’s family.

Bulldog resting

It usually gets along well with other animals, is particularly fond of children, and does best indoors. Highly spirited as a puppy, the English Bulldog Standard grows up to be a calm adult. The breed prefers not to exercise, can easily overheat, and is prone to snoring.

Height: 12 – 16 inches

Weight: 50 – 55 lbs.

Colors: Uniform color, red, fawn,white, brindle; sometimes with a black muzzle.

Coat: Short and smooth

Temperament: Affectionate, but sometimes stubborn; great with kids

Care and Exercise: Regular brushing with a rough cloth and minimal exercise. Care should be taken not to over feed as he would prefer not to take any exercise. Special care to clean his folds and wrinkles and under his tail during hot weather. Should not be over exerted in hot weather. He does not make a good dog for the obedience enthusiast.

Health Issues: Never leave this dog in a hot car or hot, unventilated area, they easily overheat. The English Bulldog Standard does snore.

Category: Non-sporting